Spring Color

Daylight savings just behind us, Spring feels like it’s on the horizon. Color is on my mind; my eyes are heightened to it. Vivid, bold, saturated hues are standing out against muted, more neutral colors. In the Bay Area, after a winter with ample rain, grass green is inescapable.

With my eyes turned toward color, I'm reminded of when my jewelry started to feel like it encapsulated my voice. For about four years I’d been exploring, finding my way slowly in the studio, mostly while making one-of-a-kind pieces.

Finally, when materials, textures and color were combined, direction was clearer.

Color, coming from silk thread or beads, was in relation with metal, silver or gold. What came forth from my hands was intimately connected to me. Color was a significant to this connection. (As was weaving and beads.)

I’ve never before thought about or associated that early work with Spring, but right now it’s a correlation that is shouting at me.

How metal and fiber, metal and color, metal and texture, can tell a story of change, beginnings, visibility…

It’s inspiring me to consider some bold, bright colors for upcoming works, either one-of-a-kinds or collections. It’s inspiring me to be willing to step into the sunlight a bit more fully, to even bask in its vulnerabilities and beauty. It’s inspiring me to accept more gracefully the inevitabilities of change.

Ahh, Spring Color!


All images are from my first solo show, ‘Complements’ which was in the summer of 2007. Materials: silver, 18k gold, silk thread, sapphires, rubies, quartz, glass beads.

What colors are striking you at the moment? Are there any colors that you’d like to see in my jewelry? Leave a comment below. I’d be happy to hear!