Raissa Bump Jewelry Ritual

Do you have rituals that make you feel ready for whatever’s ahead?

Recently, conversations about rituals have come up with friends. While often it seems our modern lifestyles are lacking in apparent rituals, when I took a little time to asses my own, I realized that many involved jewelry.

Surprised? Probably not. However, for me it was a powerful realization since I hadn’t set out, predetermined or previously designated them as such.

So what’s a ritual anyway and how can they positively impact your day? 

This article in Scientific American (which I had enjoyed reading and recommend to you) helps us understand. It states:

  •           Rituals are symbolic behaviors we perform before, during, and after a meaningful event.
  •           Rituals take an extraordinary array of shapes and forms.
  •           People engage in rituals with the intention of achieving a wide set of desired outcomes
  •           Rituals enhance people’s confidence in their abilities, motivate greater effort, and improve subsequent performance.

Sounds good, right? 

Curious about the jewelry rituals I mentioned before?
Here’re two examples of how ‘jewelry as ritual’ plays out in my life and helps me feel confident, motivated and engaged in my life.

1: Jewelry to Set Myself Up for Daily Success

*Jewelry makes me feel put together, ready to show up and get stuff done.
*Jewelry is simply fun and serious at the same time. It can meet me where I am at. 
*Jewelry is a silent communicator of some part of my personality and/or intent for that day.
*For me, putting on jewelry is an act of self-care in that it is a chance to be present, slow down for a moment or two, notice how I feel and chose jewelry that best matches my mood, or what I need to support me for the day.
*The jewelry I put on is distinct and often helps me engage with others. (Think compliments at the grocery store or by a friend.)

2: Jewelry as Comfort and Invocation for Safety and Protection

*I have specific pieces of jewelry that I always travel with. They’re either worn or in a bag close by. Hidden from view to others, they’re comfort to me and make me feel safe.

Sharon Church Pendant

When I leave the house having forgotten to put on jewelry or travel without my necklaces (one by Sharon Church is show above), simply stated, I don’t feel good, something is ‘off.’ Each day I have the opportunity to be grateful for the connection that jewelry has with ritual and the significatnt role it plays in my life. I feel better with it.

How about you? Do you have jewelry rituals to help you get through your days? Write me an email at and let me know.

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