young Raissa Bump.jpeg

Set free from my Catholic school uniform, I entered 6th grade public school and was finally able to choose what I wanted to wear based on the mood I was in that morning. 

It felt great! I soon learned however, that my style was not typical. You see, I didn’t wear the latest trends, but rather my favorite pieces were unfashionably from a local thrift store. (Around that time my girl cousins and I did a photoshoot with my aunt - these pictures are from it.)

While sometimes I did long to wear current fashions and ‘fit in,’ overall I enjoyed, and still do, adorning myself in clothes and jewelry that have no relation to short lived trends. Clothes and jewelry that stay with me for years and that express some part of myself that words cannot.

The fun was, and still is, in expressing myself nonverbally. 

And yet I now embark to see how I can use words and images to describe the experiences we have interacting with jewelry and adornment. This is a major shift in my willingness and I thank you for bearing witness.

For me it is a pleasure to consistently and thoughtfully design and make jewelry that is expertly crafted, reliably delights and brings out some special, unique part of you. 

I want nothing more than to create an opportunity for some part of you to be understood, and for you to express yourself fully!

Maribeth Photoshoot 2.jpeg