Jewelry has been a through-line that has fueled my view of life and made me want to participate. I believe there is a deep nexus between jewelry, beauty, and happiness. I believe there is wild variety in our human experience, and there should be many ways to convey on the outside some small bit of the beauty of our inner lives. My jewelry provides one with the opportunity to meet that wild variety and run with it. 

Poet and essayist Lia Purpura’s words about my jewelry express much of what I feel while making: “Raïssa Bump’s [jewelry is] firmly contemporary, and yet they also feel solidly rooted in the past – as if they were archeological finds. Their forms suggest that, once, long ago, a hand worked with objects just like these, dug, or scooped with them, stitched them together or used them as sacred containers into which something treasured, to be passed down through generations, might be slipped for safe keeping. Though meant to embellish the body, contained within her jewelry is the utility and liveliness of essential tools – a quality that might suggest we reexamine the beauty of tools, and by extension, the aesthetic properties of raw materials (the gentleness of silver, the liquidity of diamonds), the organic delicacy to be found in urban landscapes, the mathematics of the natural world.  We might, with her guidance, experience the multiple expressive selves that take up residence in a single glorious object.” 

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Born in 1980, Raïssa Bump earned a BFA in metals from Rhode Island School of Design in 2003 and studied jewelry with Giampaolo Babetto at Alchimia in Florence, Italy. She has been actively involved in the contemporary jewelry field and is well versed at making both intricate one-of-a-kind pieces and beautiful edition collections. Raïssa’s work is collected widely and has been included in various Lark Book publications and in the pages of Metalsmith magazine. She exhibits with galleries such as Sienna Patti Contemporary, teaches workshops at Penland School of Crafts , Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, and is on the board of Art Jewelry Forum. Raïssa grew up in the Hudson River Valley and currently lives and works in a storefront in San Francisco, CA, with her husband Jonathan Anzalone.

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CONTACT: raissa@raissabump.com


Reset's Story

I am a maker by trade and by nature, and love what I do. For years, I’ve spent hours each day at my worktable making jewelry. Over time, my body started to feel the stress directly related to my work habits. My fingers locked up, and my jaw, upper back, and neck were extremely tight. I became aware of my posture and how much time I spent in a stressful position. Once I acknowledged this trend toward dysfunction, I had no choice but to make changes. Real solutions were needed that could be incorporated without much time or money. 

In 2008, I became certified in Forrest Yoga. Within that practice, I found stretches that were easy to incorporate into a daily routine while sitting at the workbench. I got curious and sought out and investigated others. At first, my focus was on my personal issues and how stretches and small shifts could profoundly change my experience. It was wonderful to feel relief of my strains and aches, and I noticed additional benefits of these new habits—increased focus, shifts in perspective, and a heightened connection to my creativity. It wasn’t long before I observed and heard about similar strains in other people. I had the epiphany that these techniques would benefit all types of people suffering from repetitive strains and stresses, and from there, the goal of Reset became clear.